Avoid the food scramble & create your winning game plan


As an athlete I’ve always known the importance of a game plan. A game plan prepares you for victory, strengthens your reactions to the unknown and creates the belief & internal confidence that you can do this. What I’ve realized more with each passing year is that anything you want to be great at takes the same approach, especially your health. Winning with your health and achieving your goals truly comes down to your plan. Without the right plan & preparation it’s impossible to optimally execute.

Well it’s time to get suited up because it’s Game Time! Here are 3 top strategies to develop a winning health game plan and prevent any temptation and food scrambling:

Strategy 1 – Be Proactive & Have The Tools

– Simply carve out 2 hours every Sunday to plan your week of health just like you do with your work and kid events.

– Have the right your tools, some examples being a clean kitchen, tupperware, water bottles, fresh workout clothes, a cooler etc.

– Plan your workouts by setting the days and times for your cardio, strength training & sporting activities to sync with your schedule


Strategy 2 – Stock Up

Go grocery shopping over the weekend and fill your fridge for the upcoming week. Here’s a pic of my Costco shopping festival from this past weekend:


Strategy 3 – Make Your Weekly “Off Plan” Meal an Experience

You’ve worked hard all week, take a break & enjoy your favorite foods like the champion that you are. Just make sure you get right back on plan after your food adventure. Here’s a pic of my “off plan” meal from Saturday, my favorite, Pepperoni Pizza!


It’s truly that simple, you just need to take a step back and plan your success. Your health season is in full throttle and you’re now equipped and ready to make the All Star team!

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