Are Your Escapes Positive or Negative?


Yesterday was an awesome and exhausting day. I woke up early, flew across the country to speak at an event in Los Angeles and stayed up late hanging with all the passionate people who attended, answering questions and of course hugging it out!

As great of a day as it was, it was also tiring and stressful on my body. Stress is a daily event for all of us and as it builds, your mind & body eventually needs a release or escape. Escapes are very healthy, the question is are they positive (takes you closer to your health goals) or negative (takes you further from your health goals)?

After a long day like yesterday, the old me would have been drawn to a more negative escape , probably diving into a large pepperoni pizza, feeling great for a moment and then painfully regretting my decision. But I’m not the old me, and as much as I love pizza, I knew that eating it would have been an emotional response to the day, so instead, I chose to have a balanced meal, listened to some music and then watched one of my favorite movies. All of those choices gave me the downtime I needed, and kept me progressing towards my goals.

We All Need Escapes by Mark Macdonald

Make this the week you shift your negative escapes to positive ones. Simply get a pen and a piece of paper and start listing your “go-to” positive escapes, and the next time you feel the stress and pressure build you will have a winning strategy in place. This will take you one step closer to achieving your health goals!

Always Remember the Transformation Starts with You!

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