Announcing Our NEW Partnership with the Tennis Channel


Happy Thursday!

I wanted to send a quick message sharing the exciting news about our NEW partnership with the Tennis Channel!

My two favorite sports in the world are soccer and tennis, and about ten months ago the Tennis Channel asked me to do a 5-Part Video and Article series on how to Eat Like a Tennis Champion.

That series just launched this week and each part is being released over the next two weeks leading up to Wimbledon.

But what’s even more exciting than this 5-Part Series is that I’m now the featured Nutritionist for the Tennis Channel!

That means I’ll be writing weekly articles to help every recreational, amateur, college and professional tennis player take their food, fitness and game to the next level.

This series and every weekly article is fantastic for kids, teenagers and adults! Plus, it’s incredible content for all athletes, not only tennis players.

I’ll be sending much more content your way, but to start, here’s the first part of the series that focuses on the Power of Eating PFC Every 3, combined with a 1-Minute Video sharing 3 delicious and time friendly PFC recipes.


LOVE how our global message gets stronger by the day!

Thank you for being an incredible part of our community and as always, myself and every Venice Nutrition coach are here with you every step of the way.

Massive hugs,


P.S. – As you’ll read in this series, whatever your health goals may be, here are the two main Venice Nutrition programs we recommend for Adults and Kids to get started with:

Make Your 8 Week Run

For Adults: Our 8 Week Plan is a powerful plan that has helped a couple million people rock their health. It’s a global plan and featured in my best selling book Why Kids Make you Fat and How to get your Body Back. To learn more about the 8 Week Plan please visit


For Kids: Our How to Feed your Kid Athlete program is a powerful program that supports the information in the 5-Part Series and connects perfectly with the 8 Week Plan so families can rock it together. To learn more about the program please visit


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