About This Blog

As a health professional, father and husband the evolution of my health continually changes. I’ve personally coached thousands of clients and millions of people live our plan. With all of that experience, what I’ve learned and clearly know is that the most difficult transition in your health journey is becoming a parent. There are no words that give justice to the incredible health learning curve as a parent.

Most of us become parents while still struggling to find a consistent place with our own weight and body fat. Take that shaky ground & then add a baby to the equation. Your time becomes a commodity that quickly evaporates.

I get it, I live it and I want you to know you can make it all work. My #1 health mission and focus now and for years to come is to show fellow parents, future parents & grandparents how to make their nutrition and fitness work realistically into their world. What’s evident is that when parents make their food & exercise happen in a cool, simple & fun way, their kids will do the same.

This is the theme of my next book, Why Kids Make You Fat and…How to Get Your Body Back and the exact focus of this blog. The conversation starts now. No blame, no judgment, it’s time we all work together and support one another to permanently achieve our health goals!

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