5 Steps for Your Business’s Complete 8 Week Experience

Follow the 5 Steps below and take your business to the next level with our 8 Week Experience:

  1. Create Your 8-Week Experience: Your Offering + Book + 8 Week Run Digital Course + Core Product Line (if partnered with Core)

  2. Purchase at least 20 copies of Why Kids Make You Fat and How To Get Your Body Back by Monday April 27th, 2015 and receive Unlimited Registrations for the month of May to the New 8 Week Run Digital Course ($97.00 value per registration)

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    8 Week Digital Course Includes

    • Web Based and Mobile Friendly Detox, Ignite and Thrive Phases
    • 10 Coaching Videos and Webinars by Mark Macdonald that will maximize your plan and optimize your results. The Coaching Videos focus on the highlights of your plan each week and the video webinars and Podcasts dive deeper into the exact details. The combination of the info truly sets you up to win.
    • 3 Parts
      • Part 1 – Gearing Up for Your 8 Week Run
        1. Progress Over Perfection
        2. Preparing for Your 8 Week Run
      • Part 2 – Making Your 8 Week Run
        • Week 1 – Detox Phase – Lose Your Bloat and Give Your Body a much needed oil change
        • Week 2 – Ignite Phase – Melt Your Belly and Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine
        • Week 3 – Win your food frenzy
        • Week 4 – Optimize your exercise
        • Week 5 – Master Your Sleep
        • Week 6 – Conquer your Stress
        • Week 7-8 – Finishing Strong
      • Part 3 – Making Your Plan a Way of Life
        • Week 9 and Beyond – Thrive Phase – Live Your Life and Permanently Reprogram Your Metabolism
        • Bonus Video – Take Your Skill set to the next level with your Body Confidence Plan
  3. Email Your Receipt to info@WhyKidsMakeYouFat.com with subject header – 8 Week Experience

  4. You’ll receive an email before May 1st with a unique registration code, URL to register clients and a log in access to see all your clients that you enrolled.

  5. Sign up for the affiliate program to receive your own unique affiliate link and log in to share with your clients. You’ll receive 50% of all 8 Week Run digital offerings purchased from anyone who purchases the course with your affiliate link. This is available starting May 1st.

Together we’re Ending the Dieting Madness!