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Hello Health Champion!

I remember back in Jan 2020; I sent an email with a message about making 2020 a Next Chapter of Health.

We all feel it with a new year, a new year can be the moment to shed all the dieting nonsense and truly win with our health.

A new year provides the opportunity to build off what has worked in the past and evolve what needs to be improved.

But 2020 blew all of that up. Food and fitness routines were lost, stress levels increased, and many people slid backwards with their health.

It’s such a strange concept, a moment in time when your health has literally never been more important, but even with that knowledge, it was difficult for so many to find a winning health rhythm.

The cool thing is that you now understand that. The adversity of 2020 has taught us all to get smarter with our food, think outside the box with our fitness and realize that “quick fix” diets can never permanently change your metabolism.

The skills you’ve gained this past year have prepared you to build a rock-solid food and fitness foundation in 2021. A foundation that empowers you and your family to forever live your best health.

I feel this new level of commitment from millions of people around the world. The energy has shifted, and the moment is now.

And to help you win in 2021, we are doing a 50% OFF All Venice Nutrition Member Programs Sale.

Whether you want:

Whatever your goal, we have your program. And as you start your program, the key point is you’ll learn. You’ll increase your food and fitness education and develop the health rhythm to always win, regardless of what the future throws at you.

So, if you’re ready to take on 2021 like the Health Champion you are, dive in and ask all questions, our entire community is right by your side!

And if you’re already a Venice Nutrition Member, Thank You for leading by example! This might be a great time to take your nutrition skill set to the next level with one of our two certifications, Health Coach or Nutrition Coach. Both are part of our 50% OFF Sale too and you can check out all the details here.

Happy New Year and So excited to see your rock solid health foundation come 2022!

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