5 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes Athletes Make



In spirit of our Athlete themed week, I just did a Facebook Live video sharing the 5 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes Athletes make.

Powerful information that every recreational, amateur, collegiate and professional athlete (kid, teenage and adult) needs to know.

You’ll immediately see what you might be doing wrong and how to get the nutrition competitive edge!

Check it out here >


Now if you really want to take your Food knowledge to the next level, dive into my 76 page Athlete E-Book, it’s the featured tool in our Kid/Teenage Athlete Nutrition Program.

This program is fantastic for all Kid and Teenage athletes, but also amazing info for Parents and all Adults.

And as I shared a couple days ago, in the spirit of Fall sports starting, we’re doing a 50% off sale on our Athlete program till Wednesday August 30th, it’s available now for only $29.50! Click here for all the details.


As always, thank you for leading by example with your health and being an awesome part of our community!

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