4 Tips to Choosing the Right Protein Bar


Being busy and on the run means you sometimes need a protein bar to keep your blood sugar balanced and on plan. It’s not easy to figure out what bar is best for you and will move you forward to achieving your goals in the best way. So here are a few of my favorite recommendations to help you stay on plan and a litmus test to choosing a protein bar.

Just know that Protein bars are more processed than protein powder, so bars are really just for emergencies. Avoid them during your Detox phase and ideally limit yourself to just one bar per day during your Ignite and Thrive phases as well as your Body Confidence plan.

Here’s your litmus test for choosing a protein bar. Each bar has different flavors; so choose the flavor you prefer.


Protein Bar Litmus Test

  • The protein in the bar needs to be within a five-gram range of the total carbs. For example, if the food label shows twenty grams of carbohydrates, you can eat a bar that has anywhere between fifteen and twenty-five grams of protein. Staying within this five-gram range ensures the bar will be correctly balanced. If the bar has more than five grams more carbs than protein, do not eat it; it will most likely spike your blood sugar.
  • The protein source needs to be either whey (hydrolyzed, isolate, or concentrate), micellar casein, egg white or plant based and must not contain soy protein. It can have trace amounts of soy in the form of soy lecithin, which has very little soy and is a binder in most protein.
  • The bar needs to be gluten-free.
  • The bar needs to be low in sugar, preferably high in fiber, and use a natural sweetener (like stevia). Some good quality bars use small amounts of sucralose (fake sugar). If sucralose causes you to experience digestive challenges, avoid it.

Recommended brands of protein bars that pass this litmus test are:

  • Power Crunch: made by BNRG, preferably choose gluten-free options
  • Quest: made by Quest, gluten-free
  • Rise: made by Rise – Plant Based

Feel free to experiment with other bars that past the litmus test, the key is to find the bars that work best for your taste buds and digestive system!

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