3 Steps to Spread the Message and End the Dieting Madness


We are having our 1st Giveaway for everyone who completes all 3 steps. 3 winners will be chosen at random and the winners will be announced the evening of Sunday May 10th (please have messages and/or videos posted by Saturday May 9th at midnight EST). We will be able to see all participants by searching for the hashtag “EndTheDietingMadness” (see step 3).

  1. Get Your Copy of

    Why Kids Make You Fat

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  2. Take a picture of you with the Book, post on Facebook and/or Twitter and share your “Why” for living the plan. Invite your friends to make an 8 Week Run with you.
  3. At the end of your social media post, Hashtag #EndTheDietingMadness to be entered into the drawing to win the following package: 1 hour coaching session with Mark, 3 copies of Why Kids Make you Fat to give to family/friends, and 4 of Mark’s 8 Week Run digital coaching courses. (3 Winners will be chosen)