3 Strategies to Halt the Weight-Loss Backslide


You wake up one day and realize that your scale and mirror are not your best friends. And in that split second you decide enough is enough and it’s time to take action.

Immediately you eat cleaner, get active and make your health a primary focus. The pounds start to drop, fat begins to melt and most importantly you just feel better; you have more energy, less stress and you’re sleeping well. Over the next few months you make massive progress, results are achieved and that frustration you originally felt isn’t there anymore. You did the work and achieved your goals! Now it’s the fun part. You got this down and you start to shift into cruise control. After all, it’s easy to maintain…

We all know the moment you turn your mind off and attempt to cruise control with your health the Weight-Loss Backslide begins. And let’s be honest. It doesn’t happen over night, but slowly and steadily it chips away each week until eventually you’re no longer on good terms with the mirror and scale. This is exactly what happened to Barb Plum. Barb lost 75 lbs and fell into complacent mode and her backslide started and she regained 20 pounds. But Barb halted the backslide fast by implementing 3 simple strategies. She has now lost a total of 87 pounds and 60 inches and is full steam ahead, bursting through every weight loss barrier that comes her way!

Here are the 3 Strategies that Barb implemented:

  1. She set new goals
  2. She experimented with new foods and workouts
  3. She locked arms with people in her community and on social media for support

Watch Barb share her powerful story and see her incredible transformation. Plus learn how you can make the 3 Strategies work for you to prevent the Weight-Loss Backslide:


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