3 Steps to Designing Your Nutrition Action Plan


Happy 2018!

As exciting as the new year can be, it can also cause lots of health confusion. It’s the time of year when health motivation is at its highest, but without direction, motivation can only take you so far.

My goal with this article is to lead you down a simple and powerful path to WIN with your health in 2018 and permanently reprogram your metabolism. And your success all starts with your nutrition action plan.

Your action plan is your health blueprint to maximizing your results, achieving your goals and most importantly, making your health a lifestyle.

This will be my first article of many throughout 2018, and today it’s all about creating your health foundation with your action plan.

Spend the next few days going through these 3 steps and getting a clear vision of how 2018 will become the year you master your health and food.

Step 1 – Gain Clarity on Your Health Goals

Nutrition Action Plan - Step 1

  • What is your goal?
  • How does your goal improve your life?
  • Why do you want to achieve your goal?

Check out my goal setting article to fine tune your health goals in 2018.

Step 2 – Learn Your Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Action Plan - Step 2

  • Is it based on science?
  • Can you make it a lifestyle?
  • Will it reprogram your metabolism?

Understand the science of your body by watching this video about blood sugar balance and reading this article about how to Eat PFC Every 3.

Step 3 – Develop Your Food System

Nutrition Action Plan - Step 3

  • Set your daily meal schedule
  • Get the tools to win (cooler, containers, shaker, water bottles)
  • Use products that simplify your plan
  • Grocery shop each week
  • Create a Food Game Plan at home, at work and on the go

Dive into these videos designed to help you develop a winning Food System.


Ok! Our 2018 food journey has begun! Have fun rocking these 3 steps; it’s time to lay down your food foundation!

And if you are ready for even more support and tools to win this year, check out our 3 Venice Nutrition Programs (2 are designed for adults and 1 is designed for kids and teenagers).

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