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We are 7 weeks away from the highly anticipated release of my new book – Why Kids Make You Fat and How To Get Your Body Back! So to have fun with our 7 week countdown, each week we’ll be sharing special promos and gifts with you! This week’s gift is 3 Exclusive Videos from me. Simply Pre-Order the book from one of the book links on www.WhyKidsMakeYouFat.com, forward your receipt to info@WhyKidsMakeYouFat.com you’ll receive these 3 exclusive videos:

  1. The Power of Eating in 3’s – A video explaining how balancing your blood sugar will maximize your weight loss, fat burning, muscle building and energy and how easy it is to actually “eat in 3’s”.
  2. Mastering Your Detox, Ignite and Thrive Phases – A step by step video sharing the the purpose of each phase and how they build off one another to deliver incredible results.
  3. How the CORE Products Turbo Charge Your Results – A video sharing why the products were made and how they will turbo charge your results and fit perfectly into your plan.
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